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Sunroom Cafe

638 State Street Madison, WI 608-255-1555

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sunday brunch at the sunroom café 

madison, wisconsin

this side of the menu plus beverages available from 9am to 3pm

the entire menu is available from 11 am to 3 pm.

from 3 pm to 5 pm only items from the second page & beverages are available.

dinner is served after 5 pm.

pancakes & french toast

buttermilk cakes 5.95                                                             wheat pancakes 5.95

apple buttermilk cakes 6.95                                                   apple wheat cakes 6.95

banana buttermilk cakes 6.95                                               banana wheat cakes 6.95

blueberry buttermilk cakes 6.95                                           blueberry wheat cakes 6.95

chocolate chip cakes 6.95                                                    chocolate chip wheat cakes 6.95

french toast 8.95

(cinnamon  french toast made from our in house baked french bread)


*eggs, omelets, tofu & more

two eggs, toast & potatoes 4.95                                        huevos rancheros 7.95

farm fresh with toast & potatoes                                                                             eggs, melted cheese, vegetarian chili & salsa on a tortilla

florentine omelet 8.95                                                       tofu deluxe scrambler 7.95                 

spinach, feta, mushrooms, toast & potatoes                                                          organic tofu, mushrooms, scallions, green peppers, tomatoes,

mexican omelet 8.95                                                                                garlic, fresh ginger & soy with toast & potatoes

monterey jack cheese, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, toast & potatoes             spicy tofu deluxe scrambler 7.95

denver omelet 10.95                                                           same as above with a pinch of heat

mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, green onions,                               nova lox scrambler 9.95

 ham, cheddar cheese, toast & potatoes                                                                 egg scramble with nova lox, green onions & cream cheese,

cheese omelet 6.95                                                                                    toast & potatoes

monterey jack, cheddar, feta, mozzarella, swiss or cream cheese,               *nova lox & bagel platter 8.95

 toast & potatoes                                                                                                    nova lox, cream cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber &

sundried tomato omelet 10.95                                                              choice of onion or sesame bagel

sundried tomatoes, fresh chevre cheese, fresh basil, toast & potatoes            eggs, salmon, bagel & cream cheese 9.95

turkey avocado omelet 10.95                                             nova lox & green onion in an omelet with a bagel, cream

 turkey, fresh avocado, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions,cheddar               cheese, lettuce & tomato served with a side of potatoes

 with toast & potatoes                                                                                      breakfast burrito 9.95 or tofu burrito 9.95

ham & cheese omelet 8.95                                                                  scrambled eggs, jack cheese & black beans in a

ham & monterey jack cheese, swiss, cheddar, feta,                                              tortilla topped with salsa & guacamole served with potatoes

cream cheese or mozzarella, toast & potatoes                                      veggie scrambler 7.25

santa fe frittata 10.95                                                                eggs scrambled with mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes,

flat omelet topped with black beans, monterey jack cheese,                                green onions & monterey jack cheese, toast & potatoes

salsa & guacamole, toast & potatoes                                                                   —try it spicy!

sides & additions

toast 1.25                              bagel 2.25 with cream cheese 3.25    one egg 1.50

one pancake 2.50                 side of potatoes 2.25                 fresh fruit cup 3.95                                                            

one fruit pancake 2.95       1/2 order french  toast 4.95       fresh fruit plate with muffin 7.25

turkey-bacon, sausage or ham 2.95                                      granola, yogurt & fruit parfait 5.95

egg whites add 1.00

drinks more drinks on the reverse side

coffee 1.95                                                                          apple cider  2.00, 2.50

tea 2.45                                                                               hot cider  2.25, 2.75

black: earl grey, mango ceylon, blackberry sage, darjeeling,                               milk  1.50, 1.75

ginger peach(decaf), vanilla almond, lapsang souchoung                                     chocolate milk  1.75, 2.25

green: tea of inquiry, spring cherry, moroccan mint,                                             sparkling water 1.75

big green hojicha, jasmine jazz, pomegranite                                                         spring water 1.75

herbal: lemon wintergreen, gingseng peppermint, cardamom cinnamon              pepsi, diet pepsi, mtn dew, sierra mist, 2.25

chamomile lemon, orange ginger mint, alpine flowers, rainforest          

 lemonade, iced tea 2.25

orange juice  1.85, 2.50 not from concentrate                            tomato juice 1.85, 2.50                                          arnold palmer2.25 1/2lemonade ½ iced tea                                              soy milk  2.00, 2.50                                      


 groups of 6 or more 18% gratuity

*eggs, hamburgers, steak cooked to order, rare or medium-rare may be undercooked and will only be served upon request Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness    



sunday at the sunroom café

638 state street

madison, wisconsin




grilled sandwiches

*hamburger 6.95 we use certified organic beef—taste the difference!

swiss, feta, cheddar, monterey jack & mozzarella add.50

salsa & guacamole add 1.50

organic veggie burger 6.95

organic brown rice, nuts, vegetables & spices in a wheat free veggie burger

swiss, feta, cheddar, monterey jack & mozzarella add.50

salsa & guacamole add1.50




bacon lettuce tomato avocado club  7.45

we use turkey bacon—less fat great taste!

turkey sandwich 6.45

turkey avocado 7.45

chicken salad sandwich 6.45

homemade & delicious

chicken salad avocado sandwich 7.45




arabic salad 8.95

tabouli, hummus, babaganouj, assorted greens & pita

greek salad 7.95

assorted greens, olives, feta cheese, pita bread

large garden salad 5.95 small 3.50

assorted greens, choice of dressing

chicken salad plate 7.95

homemade chicken salad on a bed of greens with fresh fruit

quiche 5.95 with salad 7.95

ask your server for today’s selection


more drinks

caffe latte 2.75  

cappuccino 2.75

caffe mocha 2.95

espresso 1.95  

ice coffee 2.25

ice mocha 2.95  

ice latte 2.75

steamer 2.75  

raspberry, kiwi, vanilla, hazlenut, grapefruit, almond, cherry, caramel, chocolate or strawberry with steamed milk

eye openers

bloody mary 4.00

hot cider & brandy 4.00

mexican coffee 5.00

coffee, tequila, kahlua & whipped cream

irish coffee5.00 irish whiskey, coffee & whipped cream



soup and veggie chili  2.50 cup 3.50 bowl


turkey burger 6.95

swiss, feta, cheddar, monterey jack & mozzarella add.50

salsa & guacamole add 1.50

*chicken filet sandwich 7.45 try it cajun!

with cheese add .50, spicy salsa & guacamole add 1.50

*fish of the day sandwich 8.95

marinated & grilled. try it with cajun spices

turkey mozzarella melt 6.95



tuna salad sandwich 6.45

tuna avocado sandwich 7.45

avocado cream cheese sandwich 5.95

hummus pita 6.45

tabouli pita sandwich 6.45

tabouli, lettuce & monterey jack cheese in a wheat pita



caprese avocado salad 8.95

fresh mozzarella, avocado, tomatoes, basil & olive oil

caesar salad 5.95

romaine, croutons & a classic caesar dressing

shrimp caesar 8.95

grilled shrimp on a classic caesar salad

chicken caesar 8.95

grilled chicken filet on a classic caesar salad

garden salad with grilled chicken 8.95

cucumber yogurt, vinaigrette, honey dijon, lemon poppyseed

tuna avocado salad plate 7.95

tuna & avocado on a mound of assorted greens with pita

fish caesar 8.95 grilled salmon on a classic caesar salad


hot chocolate 2.75

root beer 2.25

italian soda 2.25

raspberry, kiwi, vanilla, hazelnut, grapefruit, almond, cherry, caramel, chocolate, strawberry

orangina 2.25 france in a bottle

chai 3.95

hot or cold



margaritas 4.50

fruit margaritas 5.00

raspberry or strawberry

beer ale asylum 3.75,(hopalicious, ambergeddon or madtown nutbrown)

sprecher amber 4.25

wine available by the glass or bottle





all natural frozen fruit drink   5.25,    yogurt add .50,    extra fruit add .50

all made with frozen banana & your choice of blueberries, strawberries, cherries, peaches, mangos or raspberry

also your choice of orange juice, pineapple juice, apple cider or milk

please choose one frozen fruit & one juice

* consuming raw or undercooked meat may increase your risk of foodbourne illness